Atsuko Tanaka | 田中敦子

Tanaka was born in Osaka, on February 10, 1932. She went to several local art schools where she worked in mostly figurative mode. The schools she had attended were the Art Institute of Osaka Municipal Museum of Art in 1950, and from 1951 on, the Department of Western Painting at Kyoto Municipal College of Art (now Kyoto City University of Arts).

There, she had made friends with a man named Akira Kanayama, who had helped her explore new artistic territories. In 1955, she joined the Gutai group, an avant-garde artists' movement, to which she belonged until her marriage with Akira Kanayama in 1965. In the same year, Tanaka had left Gutai with Kanayama. She moved in with him in a house at the temple Myo*ho*ji in Osaka. She produced most of her works at home and in the second floor of her parents’ house, which was ten minutes away from where she had lived.

In 1972, Tanaka and her husband moved from Osaka to Nara. On December 3, 2005, she died of pneumonia, aged 74.

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