Born on May 1st, 1984

Was a street artist at 18
Went to New York at 20
Represented by Kumquat Gallery at 30


Ichi’s artworks are full of imagination and satire aiming at the society. He insists on his own way to reach the world, even though living in the era of globalization, with cultures trending in the similar way.

Ichi was born in 1984, in Shikoku, a city on the Seto Inland Sea, where is full of local cultures and natural sceneries. When he was at 20, he went to New York alone to release his passion of street art, and lived there for many years as a homeless. The experience of facing the world by himself gives his creation a unique sense of fantasy and solitude. It is obviously that his works reveal that how a young man from a conservative countryside has been influenced by the high developed and modernized city. Thus, his works have distinct characteristic and resonate with those people who live in modern cities.


Ichi’s works have been collected by Mr. Brainwash, Nick Walker, and other collectors and art lovers from all over the world.



Art Central 2016 Hong Kong

Art Stage 2016 Singapore

“Almost Famous” Kumquat Gallery 2015 Hong Kong

Art Kaohsiung 2015 Taiwan

Fine Art Asia 2015 Hong Kong

Asia Contemporary Art Show 2015 Hong Kong

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