Yu-Ki Nishimoto | 西元祐貴


Born on April 6, 1988 in Kagoshima, Japan.


Graduated from Nihon Designer Gakuin Kyushu in 2009.

Selected Exhibition
• Appearance on Free Magazine “DUFF MAGAZINE #14 “ (2011)
• Grand Prize at national rock festival “sky jamboree” t-shirt contest (2011)
• World Best Art Award at “Embracing Our Differences” contest in Florida, 
USA (2012)
• Live Painting as an opening act for Kyushu’s largest rock festival “Higher Ground” (2012)
• Original designed t-shirt for “Higher Ground2012“ – sold out on both days of the festival
• Paintings displayed at the booth for CyberZ at “ad:tech” in NYC (2012)
Original designed sign board and novelty gift towels for CyberZ at the above event
•First solo exhibition at “Tao” in Fukuoka City.
Huge success with special guests visiting from various fields(2013January)
•February, 2013 – Yu-ki appeared in First Samurai MONO Festival held at the Telecom Center in Odaiba, Tokyo, where he interacted with many IT exhibitors.
•First live performance in Tokyo at the buzzing Harajuku share house “The Share”(2013February)
•Live performance in Fukuoka where crew from TV show in Hong Kong ( Starring Eric Tsang, Hong Kong’s best known celebrity) were shooting, creating a huge sensation.(2013April)
•Created “Dragon” and “Buddah” for the public opening of the tangible cultural property “Kurauchitei” in Chikujomachi, Fukuoka.(2013April,)
•UniversalJ, a label from world known Universal Music HQ, has ordered wall painting. Currently Yu-ki’s work (2.3m x 8m) is up on their wall.(2013May)
•Yu-ki’s work “Oda Nobunaga” was selected for display by the tea house “Nobunaga Saryo” in Kyoto. “Nobunaga Saryo” is Kyoto’s first tea house featuring Nobunaga Oda, the most popular historical figure in Japanese history.
Yu-ki has become a world sensation.(2013June)
September, 2013 – Yu-ki’s work has been selected as the official T shirt design for SUNSET Live 2013, an annual outdoor live rock event in Itoshima, Fukuoka.
- December, 2013 to February, 2014
First theatrical collaboration with domesticly and now an international sensation, “Drum TAO” (Japanese drum performance group).
Yu-ki has worked on their 25th anniversary production, “17 Samurai.” He has painted the portraits for the 17 characters along with the scenery and the stage curtain design.
The show will travel across the country until the final performance in Orchard Hall, Tokyo.
- January 23, 2014
Yu-ki was chosen as the official Indian ink artist for worldwide hit game from Capcom “Sengoku Basara4 – Samurai Heroes.” Yu-ki’s work is attracting attention from the fans.
- February, 2014
Yu-ki was invited to the Chinese New Year’s event at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore’s largest hotel. This event welcomed 4000 guests within a week. Yu-ki performed a live painting, receiving praises from the art savvy guests.
He is the hot new Indian ink artist of the world.
February – Yu-ki’s work was invited to be displayed at the art gallery “KG” in Hong Kong. “KG” will exclusively handle Yu-ki’s original work in Hong Kong.A
April – Universal Music Japan has placed an order for the second time for Yu-ki to create a wall painting. The dragon painting which stretches to 4 meter wide appeared on the wall of their headquarter office in Aoyama, Tokyo.